July 3, 2010: Tiffany Hoffman and Patrik Alnefelt exchange vows in Boyds Mills, Pennsylvania.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


(Photo by Pam Emmons)

(JULY 10, 2010) This weekend gave to us an extended family that includes new relatives in Sweden. The above photo shows that new extended family with aunts, uncles, cousins, and in-laws. It was a joyous time to get to know those who spoke English far better than the American family spoke Swedish. What a great group the new family members were. Jonas' younger brother with his wife and handsome and polite two sons and Kristal's sister and her husband seemed to enjoy every moment of the events.

American family members and friends came from far and near. From Chicago, Cleveland, and Charlotte to as near as Honesdale, the American wedding guests were numerous. Here are some pictures taken from those several days.

Here are some more pictures of American families and friends:

A large number of Swedish family and friends made the journey from across the ocean. Some were staying to tour New York, California, Arizona and Nevada. Some of the traditional wedding activities added to the variety of the events, and the opportunity to have new friends and families made the weekend even more special. Here is a pictures of some of the Swedish family and friends gathered at Boyds Mills, Pa. to see Tiffany and Patrik "tie the knot":

It was a wonderful weekend as two young people brought two families and two countries together for a lifelong of good fellowship.

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